Dog sitting in car with pet car seat cover

Dogs are mischievous by nature; they love to go on car rides. 

You must be a dog-scratching car or door victim if you own one. They are lovely companions, but the only thing that you can't control of them is their scratching habit. 

As soon as you leave the car, you will often be greeted with car scratches. Therefore to protect car doors from dog scratches, you can train the dog or use preventive measures.

Why do Dogs Scratch Car Doors?

Scratching by dogs on a car can be very irritating. There can be several reasons behind the dog scratches on the car interior or the exterior part of the car. Some of the reasons why a dog scratches the vehicle can be.

  • Their excitement about going out for a ride can cause them to scratch owners' cars' doors and windows.
  • If a dog gets bored while waiting in a vehicle, it may scratch its interior.
  • The anxiety of being alone can also cause them to scratch the car.

These are some of the reasons why dogs scratch cars, but some dogs can develop a habit of scratching, which is not a good sign for the owner and will be difficult for him to manage. 

So, it is vital to pet proof your car using pet products like pet car seat covers and a few other methods such as using seatbelts for dogs in Australia.

Safety measures mean safety gear for the car and those areas that the dog might scratch.

5 Easy Ways To Protect Car Doors From Dog Scratches

By following these steps you can protect the car from dog scratches.

Use Seatbelt

While driving the car, as the seatbelt that you wear assures your safety, you shall also make a habit of making your pup strapped in a seatbelt as well as it will ensure car interior dog protection. By using a dog seat bet in Australia, you can protect your car interior from pets and be safe during the whole trip. 

Cover Your Car's Windows

You can also cover your windows using window covers to protect the car from the dog. These covers are of different types. Some of them can be used in the interior part of the window, while others can be used in both the inner and outer parts. 

The one used in both regions is known as window film. It is a thin layer of sheet applied to windows that prevent the dog from scratching the car and the window. This will ensure complete window safety. 

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Use Nail Caps

Another way to make your car free from dog scratches is by using nail caps for the dog's nails.

Now even if your dog has a scratching habit, with the use of nail caps, your car will become scratched free and the little fur fellow won't be able to scratch the car.

Get Car Door Protectors

Doors are the most prominent part of a car. The first thing that a person notices in a car is its doors. The foremost target for dogs is scratching the car’s door. 

To prevent this problem, try using car door protectors for dogs. Try to find the best car dog covers for car door protection from dog scratches. This will solve the door-scratching problem. You can buy these things from any online pet store in Australia

Train Your Dog

The most challenging option is that you train your dog not to scratch anywhere near the car or inside the car. All options above are temporary and need constant changing, which can cost you a fair amount of money. Therefore training your dog not to scratch might be difficult and time-consuming, but it will be a permanent solution to the problem.

Dogs are said to be loyal creatures, and once they are taught what to do and what not to do, they will remember it all their lives. The trick is that it is time-consuming and challenging, but once you have taught your pup not to scratch, you will be happy with the results.


1. How Do I protect car paint from dog scratches?

The best way to protect the car’s paint is to use paint protection film and ceramic coating.

2. How do I cover the dog scratch on the car door?

An easy method to cover your dog’s scratch on the car’s door is to use toothpaste.

3. Can toothpaste remove dog scratches on the car door?

Yes, it’s one of the easiest methods to remove dog scratches.


Dogs can scratch your cars due to several reasons or a habit. To prevent scratching you can buy dog supplies and accessories from our website and take safety measures like door covers, window covers, pet car seat covers, and so on come in pretty handy. Once the dog is trained, your all scratch-related fears regarding the car will vanish.