Pets are a part of our family.

So it's understandable if you want to take them wherever you go. But they can't be the perfect car travel companions.

They can cause damage to your car, making the experience unpleasant for you. 

So be sure to your car before heading out on a journey. It will make your trip with your pets fun and memorable.

You also won't have to leave your pet at home. You must be wondering how to keep your car pet-proof.

This article will give you six easy ways to pet-proof your car.

Keep reading to know more!

What Pet-Proof Car Means?

A pet-proof car means the owner has taken specific measures to make the vehicle safe and suitable for the pets.

These measures ensure your pet's safety and prevent damage to your car's interior. It's essential to clean your car or buy dog supplies in Australia before you take any of these measures to get the best results. 

6 Amazing Ways To pet-proof Your Car

1. Cover the Seats

dog car seat cover

Protecting your car from pet hairs, stains, and dirt is essential. Even the most well-behaved pets can get car sick and make a mess for you to clean up. But it isn't the only thing worth considering.

Pet hairs can stick to your car seats. Covering the seats with dog-proof seat covers is worth considering to get rid of fur and hair. It also makes cleaning very easy.

Various seat cover options, from inexpensive to more expensive custom-fitted seat covers, are available. But if you want to avoid investing in pet car seat covers, then using a felt blanket will do the deed. After every trip, you must take it out and wash or shake off any hair.

2. Install a Doggy Seat Belt

The question of how to keep a dog safe in a car must be a matter of concern for you. Dog seatbelt in Australia is essential for your pet's safety, just like it is for you. It helps them to stay in place during sudden stops or accidents. Seat belts and safety harnesses are the way to keep your pet safe and secure in the car.

You can buckle a car seat belt through your pet's safety harness. Or you can use a seat belt designed explicitly for your dogs in your dog-proof vehicle.

3. Install a Car Hammock

If you prefer their dog to sit in the backseat while traveling, you must consider how to protect the backseat from the dog. You can do that by installing a car hammock. The car hammock attaches to the front and backseat headrests. So the entire back section is protected from pet hair, dirt, drool, or any other mess.

4. Use Floor Mats

Pets can make the car carpet dirty by bringing dirt, mud, and debris with their paws. It can make it difficult to clean the car floor. Pet-friendly floor mats help to protect the car from getting dirty. They are durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. After each trip, you can take out the mats and clean them with a vacuum or wash them in the machine.

5. Get a Ramp

If your dog is old with joint problems such as arthritis, jumping into and out of the car must be difficult. It can cause injury to your dog as well as damage your car's interior and exterior. And it may be challenging for you to pick them up in the car. It is where ramps become a must-have.

Dog Car Ramps should be according to your pet's size and weight. It should be durable with a non-skid surface so your dog can securely place their foot on it. It will help your dog gain confidence in using the ramp.

6. Don’t Forget Nail Caps

If you are worried about scratches on your car, then nail caps are cat-proof car protectors that you can use. The nail caps are plastic caps to cover the tips of your pet's nails. They come with adhesives and last for 4 to 6 weeks. You can just put it on your pet's nails, and they won't feel it.


How do I protect my car from dog scratches?

You can protect your car from dog scratches by using a car seat cover or hammock, clipping your dog's nails or getting nail caps, and using a pet barrier. These scratch-proof techniques will help you keep your car's interior and exterior safe from scratches.

How to keep my car clean with a dog?

Cleaning your car with a dog must be very difficult. But waterproof car seat covers, hammocks, and floor mats will help you clean the vehicle quickly and hassle-free. Keep in mind to clean the car immediately after each trip.

How to protect the car ceiling from dog hair?

Protecting the car ceiling from dog hair must be challenging. But car seat covers, and car hammock helps to keep the dog hair away from the ceiling. Grooming your pet regularly also helps. You can also use a lint roller, vacuum cleaner, or brush to remove any hair from the ceiling.


Pet proofing is an easy task if done right. You can invest a little and make your car safe and comfortable for your pet. It will also prevent your car from damage. Using these tips to pet-proof your car, we hope you enjoy a fun and stress-free trip with your furry friend.