If you are a pet owner, you shall always strap your pet in a safety harness, just like you would make your family wear a seatbelt during a ride to be safe. 

Why is it essential to restrain your dog while driving? 

An unrestrained pet can be a significant distraction to the driver and a major risk to themselves if involved in an accident. 

Do you need a dog harness?

adjustable dog car harness

Dogs love to go on car rides, as it means something fun to them. Whenever you jingle your keys before arriving at the car, your dog will be waiting at the car door with an excited and shiny face. 

Driving with dogs around Australia is real fun, but you must be thinking how to pet proof your car

You need to harness them for maximum safety. 

Some of the best ways to harness a dog include using:

What are the Benefits of Using a Dog Safety Harness When Going For a Ride?

 A safety harness for dogs is an essential thing before going on a ride. Safety harness benefits for dogs in a car are several. 

Some of the key benefits are mentioned below-

  • Safety: A dog harness for car rides assures the safety of the dog as well as your safety and of other passengers in the car as well. An openly roaming dog in a car can not only be dangerous for you but can also become a severe distraction for other people on the road. Therefore a crash tested dog harness Australia will be helpful for your and your dog's safety. It will also protect your car doors from scratches
  • Control: A car harness for dogs in Australia gives you more control over your dog during a car ride preventing distractions like jumping around or barking.
  • Takes less space in the car: A dog harness takes less space in your vehicle when compared to other safety gear like dog baskets or dog ziplines for cars.
  • Comfortable: A dog harness is a much more comfortable option for your dogs than a collar or basket.

These are some of the key benefits of using a dog safety harness when riding, which shows why a dog harness is essential.

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How to choose the best dog safety harness?

Choosing the best safety harness to restrain your dog in car can be a stressful task. But there is no need to worry; you should never forget the following things before choosing a harness for your dogs.

  • The harness should be fit and, according to the size of your dog, must maintain stability and completely restrain your dog's movement.
  • Always use a car harness instead of a dog seatbelt.
  • A car harness is a heavy-duty one than the standard one for walking.
  • Always check the harness material to ensure it is made of good material, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Choose a harness that is easy for you to use.
  • Look for a harness with some added safety features, as safety is the primary goal.

These are a few points you must remember before choosing a harness for your dogs. 


1. Where should your dog ride in the car?

You shouldn’t let them sit in the front seat, rather, they should enjoy the ride in the back seat.

2. Do dogs feel safer in harnesses?

Yes, harnesses are one of the best and easiest ways to ensure the maximum safety of the dogs. 

3. Why do dogs need to restrain?

Dogs need to be restrained for their own safety. Moreover, they should be restrained for preventing them from developing bad habits and staying calm while driving and during a medical procedure.

4. What are some other ways to secure our dog in a car?

There are several ways to secure a dog, some of them are using a seat belt, carriers, barriers, and crates. More so, you should never leave your dog roaming freely in the car and never let them stick their head out of the window while driving. This can be hazardous for both the dog and the driver.


From the suggestions above, you can conclude that a dog harness while traveling is a must. It ensures your and your dog's safety; it is comfy as well, due to which dogs feel comfortable in a dog harness rather than a collar. In short, buying a car harness for dogs in Australia is all you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride with your furry pup.